Why Should I Get a UPS for My Starlink Hardware?

Starlink’s hardware, particularly the router, is highly sensitive to power quality. Unstable voltage or “dirty” power, which lacks a clean sine wave, can cause the router to malfunction, leading to outages or dropouts. Clean power, defined by a steady voltage supply and clean sine wave, is crucial for the efficient operation of Starlink equipment. In remote areas with unreliable or inconsistent power supply, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a valuable investment.

In remote locations, users often face unreliable power, especially those at the end of the power line. As power is consumed by users upstream, those downstream may experience lower voltage and poor-quality power, which is unsuitable for Starlink equipment. A UPS addresses these issues by providing surge protection and ensuring a stable voltage with a clean sine wave, especially if it features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). During a power outage, a UPS can keep your Starlink connected for approximately an hour, depending on its capacity and the connected devices. This allows enough time to switch to a generator and maintain internet connectivity.

Choosing the right UPS can be cost-effective and ensure uninterrupted operation of your Starlink system. A 960W UPS, typically priced around $300 AUD, is recommended for its balance between capacity and affordability. These units often include an LED readout screen for monitoring voltage and runtime, making them a practical choice for maintaining consistent internet access.

Best UPS for Starlink

To maintain the optimal performance of your Starlink system, investing in a high-quality UPS is essential. A UPS with 960W capacity is ideal for balancing cost and performance. Look for features like Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and surge protection to safeguard your equipment. Many UPS units also offer convenient LED screens to display current voltage and estimated runtime, enhancing their usability. Priced around $300 AUD, these UPS units are a reliable and affordable solution to ensure your Starlink hardware operates efficiently and without interruption.

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