Permanent Starlink Installation

Starlink Generation 2 and 3 Permanent Install

At Starlink Install Gippsland, we permanently install your Starlink Equipment to your house, business or holiday property anywhere in Victoria! We install the Starlink Dish securely to your roof with dedicated mounts and run cabling for your Starlink Router into your premises to a fixed location. We not only install your Starlink but can assist with other Network Configurations or additional Access Points to further extend WiFi in and around your premises.

Whether it is a Starlink Generation 2 or Generation 3 Kit, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment for your Installation.

It can be tricky with Starlink to know what equipment is required to best securely mount your Starlink Dish and how or where to run the cable within the premise. At Starlink Install Gippsland, we have the experience and knowledge to efficiently and neatly install your Starlink equipment. Not only that, but we can assist with additional access points to extend your WiFi Coverage.

Enquire with us today to discuss how we can help you with a Permanent Starlink Install at your place!

Where we have completed Starlink Installations
The Process
Site Survey
Before installing Starlink or requesting a service, we will assess your site to ensure optimal performance. This assessment can be conducted remotely or in person, depending on your location and potential obstacles. Our goal is to confirm that Starlink is the best solution for you and that your location will support a reliable Starlink connection.
Finalise Order
After completing the site survey, we will provide you with a final order detailing the installation process, core components, and any additional parts that may be needed. Your approval of this order is required for us to proceed with the installation.
Equipment Order
Once your order is approved and the initial payment is received, we will purchase any additional parts needed. If you haven't done so already, this is the time to place your order for the Starlink equipment and service.
After all parts have been received and you have your Starlink equipment, we will schedule a date for your installation.
This unfortunately can be subject to weather.
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