At Starlink Install Gippsland we specialise in the installation of Starlink, a satellite-based internet service provided by SpaceX. We primarily service the Gippsland region of Australia, however can travel Victoria Wide. Our aim to provide reliable and high-speed internet access to areas with limited or no connectivity options.

Whether it is a Generation 2 or Generation 3 Starlink Installation, have the equipment, experience and knowledge to install your Starlink

With an interest in Telecommunications, Radio Communications, IT networking and IT overall, Starlink Install Gippsland can assist you with your Starlink connection with permanent installation including WiFi and Network configuration.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with an exceptional experience, from consultation stage to installation, we work hard to ensure that everyone has access to fast, reliable internet.

Why is Starlink a good internet solution for Gippsland Victorian Users?

Starlink aims to provide high-speed internet access to underserved and remote areas around the world using a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

Starlink provides faster and more reliable internet access with a lower latency (response time) Satellite Network compared to the National Broadband Network (NBN). This is often beneficial for those in Country, Rural or Remote Areas which NBN Satellite or 4G/5G coverage is poor.

Starlink has a more advanced satellite network and technology, which results in faster speeds, lower latency, and more reliable internet access compared to the National Broadband Network (NBN) SkyMesh satellite service, especially in rural and remote areas.

On average, you can expect speeds in a range from 100mpbs to 200mpbs for download and from 5mpbs to 20mpbs for upload whilst using Starlink. Read more and see speed tests here.

Where we have completed Starlink Installations
The Process
Site Survey
Before installing Starlink or requesting a service, we will assess your site to ensure optimal performance. This assessment can be conducted remotely or in person, depending on your location and potential obstacles. Our goal is to confirm that Starlink is the best solution for you and that your location will support a reliable Starlink connection.
Finalise Order
After completing the site survey, we will provide you with a final order detailing the installation process, core components, and any additional parts that may be needed. Your approval of this order is required for us to proceed with the installation.
Equipment Order
Once your order is approved and the initial payment is received, we will purchase any additional parts needed. If you haven't done so already, this is the time to place your order for the Starlink equipment and service.
After all parts have been received and you have your Starlink equipment, we will schedule a date for your installation.
This unfortunately can be subject to weather.
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Other Services we provide
Indoor Wi-Fi
If you have a large house or business, we can help with the installation of additional access points that support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz Networks.
Point to Point Links
We can help provider point to point links to out buildings such as sheds, bungalows, cottages or the man cave. If you want Wi-Fi or internet connectivity in your out building, point to point links are perfect and very reliable. Regardless of the distance, there is a solution available for you!
Outdoor Wi-Fi
If you need Wi-Fi outside, we can install outdoor access points to extend Wi-Fi Coverage outside of your house, business or weekend getaway to ensure you are always connected!
Custom Solution
If you need a custom Wi-Fi or Network Solution, we can help. Enquire with us where we discuss your goals and then come back to you with a custom solution to achieve your goals.
Our Reviews
Jenny Smith | Port Albert
I cannot rate Cohen highly enough. We have been experiencing difficulties with NBN reception for some time. After a recent long term power outage where we had no internet or mobile reception for 4 days I decided to ditch the NBN. I reached out to Cohen after completing a google search for installers of Starlink. The installation went smoothly, and I am now enjoying high speed internet without any issues. I will also maintain internet and mobile communications if there is another power outage as we can simply plug the modem into our generator and everything will be back on line.
Cindy and David | Walkerville
I wholeheartedly recommend Starlink Install Gippsland for anyone seeking a seamless Starlink installation experience. From start to finish, their professionalism and dedication were exemplary. Not only were they punctual, arriving precisely on time, but they also left no mess behind, ensuring a clean and tidy environment post-installation. Moreover, their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in their patient and thorough explanations of the system, as well as their readiness to address any questions or concerns even after the implementation was complete. If you're considering installing Starlink and want a hassle-free experience coupled with exceptional service, look no further than Starlink Install Gippsland. They exceed expectations in every aspect, making them the top choice for Starlink installation services
Cliff Hammond | Mirboo North
Cohen is obviously technically proficient, and does what he says he’ll do. Very satisfactory outcome.
John Dixon | Seaspray
From my initial contact with Cohen, he delivered what he promised. He installed it on time and the installation was faultless. The quote was spot on. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and will get him to install an extender on my shed when it is completed.
Dianne Dennis | Seaton
Cohen did a great job installing our Starlink. He was very thorough and excellent at problem solving as every location is different.
Jen Houghton | Hazelwood North
Cohen did a great job at our place cutomising the set up to our needs. His communication was great, installation was smooth and we are very happy with the outcome.
Brands we use
TP Link Networks
Ubiquiti Networks
Hills Antenna