Starlink Installation Guide Australia

Starlink Install Guide Victoria

There are a lot of different factors that go into a Starlink Installation.

  • What extra equipment do I need?
  • What pole attachment or roof equipment best suits my property?
  • Are any obstructions going to be a concern?
  • How do I get the cable into my house?
  • Where do I put the Starlink router in my house?

All of these things Starlink Install Gippsland take care of for you. We have the experience and knowledge to make a solution fit your needs as everyone’s installation can differ slightly.

We have a standard core kit that we completely for every installation which ensures that your equipment is protected and also future-proofing for expansion.

Enquire with us to discuss how we can help you and customize a solution for your Starlink Install for your home, business or holiday property! We service Victoria wide.

The Process
Site Survey
Before even installing Starlink or requesting a service, we will assess the site of which you wish to have Starlink installed. We could do this remotely or it can be done in person depending on your location and obstecles. This is to ensure that Starlink is going to be the best solution for you and that your location will have a reliable Starlink connection.
Finalise Order
Upon completion of the Site Survey, we will provide a final order which outlines the install process, core parts and if any additional parts that might be required. We require approval on this to proceed.
Equipment Order
Once your order is approved and first payment of the order received, we will purchase any additional parts. If you haven't already, this is the time you can place your order for the Starlink equipment and Service.
Once all parts have been received and you have your Starlink equipment, we will arrange a date for your installation.
This unfortunately can be subject to weather.
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